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Located in Foça, one of the most beautiful holiday spots that could preserve the unique texture of the Aegean.  Q Beach Club is in Mersinaki Bay, which is close to Old Foça. We have created an environment where guests can spend quality time in the unique beauty of Mersinaki bay. While our guests enjoy the deep blue sea,  they can enjoy the food from our rich kitchen. They can sit in our spacious bar and drink various and delicious cocktails prepared by our bartender. As in the legendary "Karataş" story of Foça, we invite you into the beauty that once you step on it, you cannot break away again.

Q Eat

You're Invited to the Chef's Kitchen

" I've never met anyone who can think well, love, or sleep well without having a good meal."

Virginia Woolf

The Q - Eat menu includes different flavors from Turkish and World cuisine. of the Aegean  The delicious and nutritious products offered to us from the best producers  We pick it up and bring it to you. We prepare the pizza dough according to our master's original recipe.  with cold pressed olive oil  We combine for you.  Our hamburger buns and patties, produced in Q kitchen, come to your plate with fresh and carefully selected seasonal greens. Grilled varieties, snack plates, salads and pastas are the other parts of our menu. We invite you to experience this rich cuisine.  


Q Drink

"On a Bar Stool"

Our wide bar, consisting of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, brings different tastes together for you. sec or medium sec  In addition to our Pre Dinner cocktails; For even sweeter adventures, sample our After Dinner cocktails like Rusty Nail. Our Fancy Drink class cocktails, which we make from fruit extracts such as Watermelon, Pineapple, Melon, are among Q's special recipes. In addition, our wide selection of wines from local producers is perfect to make your day more enjoyable!


Photo gallery

Misafirlerimizin Yorumları

"Ekibin keyifle çalıştığı, güleryüzle hizmet ettiği, hijyen açısından çok rahat hissedebileceğiniz çok güzel bir mekan. Eski Foça'da tereddütsüz buraya gelirim."

Nejla Solak

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